Why should I consider an ALIEN model rather than the DEUCE?

The DEUCE is a great heater but the ALIEN models are between 3-6x faster than the DEUCE.

The ALIEN X Turbo is a more portable model and ideal for overnight stays.

All ALIEN models will continue to monitor the air in the engine compartment with less variance.

If the fan stays on all the time, how much energy is my heater using?

The fan itself only draws 25 Watts, that is similar to what a small lamp light bulb would use.

What are the heating times on a cold-soaked engine?

Depending on the model of heater you have, the heating times can vary between 30mins – 3hrs. Please refer to our comparison chart for more information.

Can the heater be used on any plane?

The heater can be used on virtually any small aircraft, as long as the cowl vents will accommodate a 4inch diameter semi-collaspable hose. To maximize warming, the cowling/engine compartment should be sealed with the provided sponges. SEALING IS IMPORTANT! You can cook a pie with the oven door open, but it will take a lot longer. We also suggest using a blanket or something as simple as a sleeping bag to help retain the heat. This simple step increases efficiency tenfold.